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8 stunning images from the amazing Mindelo Carnival of 2017

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"Forget about Rio de Janeiro, Salvador da Bahia and other big carnival festivities around the world... The one you need to experience is here, in Mindelo"

February in Mindelo was all about Carnival. The second largest city of Cape Verde, known as the country's cultural capital hosts the biggest carnival celebration of the entire region. Mindelo carnival is an amazing and colorful spectacle were Cape Verdeans demonstrate their enormous creativity when it comes to art and music. We at Mindelocaboverde wanted to introduce you to this farely unknown but truly beautiful festival that fills so many Cape Verdeans around the world with a sincere sense of pride.

Samba Tropcial parade at Mindelo Carnival 2017

Om monday night before carnival the incredible group of Samba Tropical with its hundreds of members hit the streets of Mindelo giving the 'Mindelenses' and thousands of visitors a warm up for the big competition parade on Tuesday. This nightly parade obviously brings something extra to the carnival spectacle that exists in Mindelo. After the show that Samba Tropical presents thousands of people head to the many great party's organized in Mindelo's city centre, with thousands of other people just dancing the night away on the Praça Nova, Mindelo's city centre square.

Flores do Mindelo at Mindelo Carnival 2017
Cruzeiros do Norte at Mindelo Carnival 2017
Monte Sossego at Mindelo Carnival 2017

The carnival of Mindelo sees 4 fantastic (official) carnival groups battle for the title: Vindos do Oriente, Monte Sossego, Cruzeiros do Norte and Flores do Mindelo. On the Tuesday afternoon of carnival almost the entire population of the city of Mindelo heads to the streets of the city centre, around the famous 'Rua de Lisboa', as early as they can to make sure they have a great spot to enjoy the amazing parade. Although it is a competition and a lot of people work very hard to see their carnival group win, many agree the real winner is the city of Mindelo and everyone who's lucky enough to be a part of Cape Verde's biggest cultural event.

Winner Vindos do Oriente at Mindelo Carnival 2017
Cruzeiros do Norte at Mindelo Carnival 2017

Carnival 2018 will see Samba Tropical parading on the 12th of February, and the big parade competition will be held on Tuesday the 13th. 

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