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Accommodation in Mindelo:

Where to stay and Why

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Our B&B (and Residencial) recommendations in Mindelo:

For travelers the accommodation is an important part of their trip. This is understandable, because where you stay during your holiday can make or break your experience.  

No matter what your budget is, you always want to feel like you are getting value for your money. It's always nice to feel welcome, to have a host who makes you feel at home.

Here are 2 accommodations that fully pass the test:

Residencial Arla

Why: The Activities! And location.

Where: Porto Grande Bay, on Avenida Marginal...

Residencial Arla is located along the Avenida Marginal, right next to the bay of Porto Grande. This bay is often named as one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

Host Ricardo is a great professional, and a huge fan of outdoor activities. He's the only one to offer paddle boarding in Mindelo, and one of the few who rents out bikes. Paddle boarding is done right in front of Arla, and you can count on Ricardo to be your instructour for the day.

Biking around Mindelo is a great way to get to know the city, and there are also a few routes outside the city that are easy to do by bike. The route Mindelo - São Pedro is one of them, because of the nice asfalted road that leads almost all the way to the village. From Arla it's a very short walk to the port where the ferry takes you to the incredible island of Santo Antão.

*Prices: Starting at CVE 3.500

B&B Vannilla

Why: ​ The View! And the breakfast.

Where: A part of Mindelo called 'Cruz', just outside the city centre...

B&B Vannilla is located on a hill just outside Mindelo's city centre. This part of the city is known as 'Cruz', and is a very popular spot because of the incredible view of the city. People love to enjoy the sunset in front of the roundabout, where you can see the sun go down behind Monte Cara or the island of Santo Antão.

Host Katy, born and raised in Mindelo, is only 29 but already running her own B&B. She is incredibly passionate about her work and always makes sure that her guests are very well taken care of. She prepares breakfast for the guests herself because she love to cook.

"I left home as a young girl, because I've always been an independend person. I found a job so that I could pay for school myself. Right from the start I knew I wanted to be my own boss some day. At Cocktail Restaurant (located in Mindelo's city centre), where I worked for 8 years, I learned so much from my manager. And it was there where I first started working with tourists."

"The feeling that I wanted to be my own boss kept growing. I started Vannilla because I saw that Mindelo needed more accommodation, and it was in need of people who work in a different way. When I was looking for a space, I came in contact with the owner of the building, and I fell in love with the view of the place."

"It was very difficult in the beginning, leading with bureacracy and making some unexpected investments.

Finding people to work with who are honest and have a certain work ethic has not been easy as well.

Now, things are looking better. The B&B has been receiving guests for a couple of months (Oct. 2017)."

"It's enough at the moment for me to get by and even put some money aside for some important investments and changes we need to make. I want to keep improving the Bed and Breakfast to make sure my guests are always satisfied with what I offer them."

In a country where at least 75% of the Tourism sector is focussed on big hotels and resorts which are run by large enterprises, Katy's dream to open her own B&B is an inspiration for many local young people. It's a symbol for a fight for a way more sustainable and respectful Tourism sector, in which the local population can have bigger dreams than being a disposable employee of a foreign corporation.

Extra Tip:

In the weeks before Carnival one of the official groups practice for the parade at the Cruz João Evora playground. The uplifting sound of the drums can be heard from the B&B, but of course it's much more fun to watch the group and even join the dancing.

* Prices: CVE 2.500 for a single, CVE 3.500 for a double (Twin Beds), CVE 4.500 for a superior double

Please write us with the accommodation of your choice, the length of your stay, and the number of people.

Thank you! :) 

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