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Mindelo Sunset Hotspots

Things to do in Mindelo, Cape Verde...

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Cabo Verde’s populair cultural capital Mindelo has so many things to offer it’s visitors. Nightlife in Mindelo is probably the best in the country. The city hosts many different year round events, with carnival being the absolute number one. In and around the city you can find beautiful beaches. Although there is definitely more, for now I would like to focus on one of my favorite Mindelo do’s: enjoying the sunset.

For me, the sunset is often the highlight of my day. For at least 30 minutes I just stare at the horizon. I count my blessings, think about my loved ones and simply enjoy the beauty surrounding me. Mindelo truly has a sunset that leaves you speechless. Here’s a top 3 of where to be when the spectacle starts:

Porto Grande Bay:

The bay of Mindelo is often listed as one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Take a walk down the boulevard of Avenida Marginal at sunset and you will understand why. In winter the sun sets behind Monte Cara, Mindelo’s famous ‘Face Mountain’. Make sure you stop to the right of the pier at the Mindelo Marina and find a spot on the little beach to see how the sunset colors beautifully bounce back of the ocean.

Mindelo Sunset Hotspots: Porto Grande bay

Laginha Beach:

If you decided to spend your day at the beach of Laginha don’t go home when the sun starts to go down. Better yet, hop over to one of the beach bars and get yourself a nice cold drink and let nature take care of the rest. Depending on the time of year, the sun will set behind Monte Cara or behind the amazing neighboring island of Santo Antão. Either way, this is a ‘Mindelo moment’ you surely won’t forget.

Mindelo Sunset Hotspots: Laginha Beach


Walk up to ‘Cruz’ (less than a 10 minute walk from the city center) where you have a stunning panoramic view of Mindelo. Take the road that leads to Laginha Beach, but instead go the other way. After passing Enacol the climb starts. Have a seat at one of the benches, and watch how the various colors of the sunset seem to take over the entire city leaving nothing but ‘sodade’ as it slowly disappears.

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