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    Discover Cape Verde's most spectactular island.

  • Santo Antão

    Hikers Paradise

    The ferry takes you from Mindelo to Santo Antão in only one hour, but Santo Antão is a completely different island. Famous amongst hikers for it's amazing mountaintrails, this island deserves a visit from anyone who can appreciate nature at it's finest.


    The island of Santo Antao truly is one of the most interesting places on earth. Many have visited the island for its amazing hiking trails with breathtaking views, but when visiting the island there is still definitely the sense of an undiscoverd pearl.


    The island of Santo Antão is twice the size of São Vicente, but São Vicente has twice the number of residents that Santo Antão has. Here you will many find beautiful small villages where you will be received kindly, and where it seems time has stood still.

  • The villages of Santo Antão

    Unlike anything you have ever seen before

    The Valley of Paúl

    Cidade das Pombas, usually referred to as Paúl, is a village on the island of Santo Antão located in between the two cities of the island, Porto Novo and Ribeira Grande. It is where the incredible valley of Paúl starts, leading all the way to the heart of Santo Antão. If you are traveling to Santo Antão on a trekking mission, the valley of Paúl is a place you don't want to miss.


    While hiking through the valley you will pass by tens of tiny beautiful villages and encounter breathtaking views.

    *We named the Valley of Paúl as one of the 7 places in Cape Verde you must see. Read the full blogpost here: 7 places in Cape Verde you absolutely need to see

    The valley of Paúl

    Ponta do Sol

    Ponta do Sol is a very charming village in the northeastern part of Santo Antão. It has a pretty little harbour from where many local fisherman take their colorful boats out to sea for a days work.


    Ponta do Sol is the starting point for an unforgettable hike along the coast. The hike leads to the magical village of Fontainhas first, and from there is it possible to hike all the way to Cruzinha in about 4 hours.

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  • Our Tour Guide

    Meet Edson Lima, one of the best hiking guides of Santo Antão

    Edson Lima, born and raised on the island is an experienced tour guide. Please check out his website Walk Santo Antao.

  • Budget Accomodation in Santo Antão

    Your bed and breakfast in Paúl or Ponta do Sol

    B&B and Restaurant Casa Maracuja in the valley Paúl

    Casa Maracuja

    Hetty's Hospitality

    In the amazing valley of Paúl hostess Hetty runs a popular restaurant and rents out two rooms for budget travellers.

    Price: € 13 per person per night

    Sissi's B&B

    Casa Familiar

    Sissi and her husband Bernard run a little bed and breakfast in Ponta do Sol, from their own house. The B&B is basic, but clean and in a great location.

    Price: € 15 for single, € 25 for double

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    If you are planning an entire hiking or trekking trip to Santo Antão and are in need of different accommodations in various places we suggest making reservations with our partner Booking.com.  

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