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Is Cape Verde expensive?

It's no surprise that there are many questions when it comes to Cape Verde. Although the country receives thousands of foreign visitors today, it is still an unknown destination for most people. Cape Verde has seen a very rapid growth as a holiday destination in recent years. In this series of articles the blog aimes to answer a few of the most important questions travelers have.

One of the key things when deciding on a destination is the budget. Not only do we look at the cost it takes to reach our destination, the cost of food, tours & activities and domestic travel are also key when making a final decision. To help you with this issue, let's look at the following question:

Is Cape Verde expensive?

A question that obviously is very difficult to answer with a yes or no. Most visitors I talk to are suprised by the prices in the country. Yes, prices in general are lower than in most countries in Europe and also the United States. But in my opinion Cape Verde is not a very cheap country. I've traveled to countries where almost everything was cheaper.

If you've traveled to certains counties in South East Asia, or South America, I can tell you that things such as accommodation and grocery shopping are not as cheap as they can be in those popular backpacking regions. This does not mean that Cape Verde is not a budget friendly destination. You'll just have to do a little more work to find these options.

Since I'm here to help out, and really want to see more tourists traveling all over the islands of Cape Verde, here are a few examples of what you can expect to pay for things, and tips for a cheaper alternative.

Examples of prices


If you're spending a longer period of time in Cape Verde, and need an apartment, the price will ultimately depend on a few factors such as city and exact location. It also depends on wether you're searching for a non-furnished apartment or (completely) furnished apartment.

CVE 20.000 starting price for a non-furnished apartment, expect to pay double for a furnished apartment.


The eastiest way to travel between the islands is by domestic flights. The main routes are those between Praia, Sal and Mindelo. These are also the flights you can expect to pay the highest prices for. These flights are about 30-40 minutes long, and are not cheap. For other, shorter flights such as Sal – Boa Vista and Praia – Maio there are lower prices. Ferries provide a cheaper option, but will also take much more time.

Praia – Mindelo (São Vicente)

Sal – Mindelo (São Vicente)

Sal – Praia

CVE 9.000, one way ticket

Cheaper alternative:

For example, the ferry from Mindelo to capital Praia can take up to 9 hours, with a stop on the island of São Nicolau. The good news is that the ferry routes/options are getting better, so that they provide a serious and trustworthy alternative for airtravel.

CVE 5.500, one way ticket


In most cities/towns in Cape Verde you'll have enough options when it comes to accommodation.

You can find a good/high quality Hotel anywhere in Cape eVerde.

CVE 6.500 2 people per night (plus tourist tax)

Cheaper alternative:

Residencials are hotel type accommodations, but are usually much smaller.

CVE 4.500 per night (plus tourist tax)

Hostels are now coming up in a few places in the country, offering budget travelers and backpackers good and affordable options.

Extra tip:

Traveling to Mindelo? I offer a very budget friendly accommodation in Mindelo's city center.

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Unlike air travel restaurants are very well priced. Even in the larger and more expensive places you'll find enough on the menu between CVE 800 – CVE 1600.

Cheaper alternative:

Look for small family run restaurants around the cities and towns where you can get lunch or dinner for as low as CVE 300. You'll just need to look around a little to find these type of places.


A rental car can be a fantastic way to get to know an island. It definitely makes sense on the larger islands, and for a few days and/or comination of islands. Prices can be a little higher than elsewhere.

CVE 4.500 for a small vehicle.

Cheaper alternative:

Scooter rental, CVE 2.200 for a half day (Mindelo price)

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