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CV Movel: Sim Cards and Internet

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When traveling abroad, it makes sense that you'd like to have the option to be online. In Cabo Verde, internet access keeps improving. Today, most accommodations offer their guests good WiFi. Some budget accommodations might not, as a way to cut costs.


Still, visitors might want to have the option to be online outside the accommodation as well. It could be cheaper to use a local provider for mobile internet. If you're lucky, you'll encounter CV movel employees handing out sim cards outside the arrival hall at the international airport of Cesaria Evora.


There is (or used to be) a CV Movel stand at the airport terminal, but there are very few days on which there is someone present at the stand to assist customers. To get a sim card, you can head out to the CV Movel in the city of Mindelo.


The HQ of the company is very conventiently located in the heart of Mindelo's city center, on the famous Praça Nova square. The entrance to the building faces the old square kiosk, but is slightly to the side. Once inside, grab a number for 'Internet Service', and keep an eye on the screen while waiting for your turn.


Make sure the person helping you out understands that you wish to convert your CVE balance value into internet MB's. If this does not happen, you'll end up paying more for your internet and your balance will shrink fast. So, ask for a sim card (cost: CVE 100), and ask to increase the balance on it. Then ask to have this balance converted right into MB's.


This is because balance is used by locals for phone calls and text messages as well. Something that visitors normally don't use. If you're going to need balance for (local) calls and texts, make sure to have both a balance and internet MB's on the sim card.


There are other CV Movel stores in and around Mindelo, and also on the island of Santo Antão. Besides CV Movel, there is another carrier called Unitel T+.


For price info of various pre-paid internet packages, please click here: