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The International airport of Sal Island

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The airport of the island of Sal, is called the Amilcar Cabral International Airport (Airport Code: SID). Many call it the Santa Maria airport, since Cape Verde's number one tourist hotspot is a short drive away. For many years the airport of Sal was the only international airport of the country. Today the islands of Boa Vista, Santiago and São Vicente also have an international airport.

Sal Airport receives the biggest number of passengers in Cape Verde. On a lot of days, the airport is a place of coming and going for many tourists visiting lovely Santa Maria in the most southern part of Sal island.

The departure area is located in the left side of the building (assuming you're standing in front of it), and the arrival area is located in the right. After exiting the arrival area you can walk straight outside, where taxis are usually lined up to drive you to your accommodation. The drive to Santa Maria takes about 15 minutes, while getting to Espargos is just a 5 minute drive.

Amilcar Cabral International has a departure terminal with 10 check-in desks, both for domestic and international flights. For domestic flights check-in is on the left side, international flights check-in on the right. In most cases security will have you show your ID and/or ticket before granting access to the departure terminal.

For domestic flights there are no services and bathrooms after the security check. Usually it is permitted to go to the bathroom after the security check, especially when flights are delayed. You might have to go through security again, after using the bathroom.

After check-in for an international flight, and the security check there, you have bathrooms, shops (for 'tax-free' shopping) a café, and an outside sitting area.

Amilcar Cabral International Airport

Shops and Services

At the airport of Sal you can find the following shops and services:

Ground Floor:

  • Luz Car - Rental Car

  • Morabitur

  • Souvenir Shop

  • Unitel Tmais

  • Exchange Service

  • A Boutique

  • CITS Touroperator

  • TAP Portugal office

  • Shipi Kriola food

  • Americo’s café restaurant

2nd Floor:

  • CV Telecom

  • Binter

  • Caixa en BCA banks

  • Cabo Verde Airlines office

  • Cabo Verde Express touroperator

Inside the airport of Sal Island


Sal International has a large number of connections to Europe a week. A lot of the larger touroperators carry out flights to and from Amilcar Cabral Airport to bring their guests to the Cape Verdean sun. TUI flies to Amsterdam, London, Dusseldörf and Münich (among others).

Cabo Verde Airlines connect Sal to cities such as Rome, Washington, Salvador and Paris (among others).

Domestic flights are carried out by both Binter CV and Cabo Verde Airlines. From Sal you have daily options to the island of São Vicente and capital Praia. Other direct flight options from Sal are Boa Vista and São Nicolau. In order to reach the islands of Fogo and Maio, you'll have to travel to Praia first, before hopping on a connecting flight. Santo Antão can only be reached by a ferry from Mindelo, São Vicente.

Airport Transfer

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Santa Maria:

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