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Why you should invest in real estate on the island of Santo Antao 

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The island of Santo Antão may be the most beautiful island of Cape Verde. But for many years it has been a bit neglected by the Cape Verdean government. Things are starting to change, and with more and more hikers and nature lovers finding there way to this green paradise, plans are being made for big investments. Here's why now is the right time for real estate investments on the island:

Government investments for Santo Antão

The PEDS of Cape Verde, the organization responsible for 'strategic planning of sustainable development' has said it's determined to promote the island of Santo Antão in order for it to be known as one of the 20 most beautiful islands of the world, by 2021.

The organization spoke about the plans for Santo Antão during a conference on the island, and said that the focus needs to be on ecotourism and 'ethnic tourism'. Recently, the website Viral Planet named the village of Fontainhas in a list of the 25 most beautiful villages of the world. Years ago, the village of Fontainhas was named in a top 10 list of the Spanish National Geopgraphic.

Different City Hall representatives, touist operators, and the association of Santo Antão municipals (AMSA) have been discussing the proposals for an UNESCO herritage site on the island.

The AMSA believes the island of Santo Antão has a few places that deserve to be on the list of UNESCO.

"Santo Antão is a 'pearl' that fascinates everyone who gets the chance to visit it", said a spokesperson of the organization. At the moment different projects are being developed on the island, in order to diversify and better the touristic offer. Local and sustainable tourism initiatives should be the focus of the coming years.

A few weeks ago, Cape Verde's prime minister Ulisses Silva e Correa spoke to the press about the commitment the government is willing to make with the island. Silva e Correa stated that the government is looking to invest in different sectors on the island, including investment in education.

Although Santo Antão is not seen as a touristic destination yet, in 2017 the island received around 26.000 visitors, almost 24% (!) more than in 2016.

Chinese investments in Cape Verde

The president of Cape Verde Trade Invest says that the country is a preference of China in Africa. Ana Barber recently spoke these words after the 15th edition of the Forum Macau. Cape Verde is ready to become the second biggest platfrom for Chinese investments. The country wants to become the Macau of Africa.

According to Barber Cape Verde has a few very important factors which make the country a preference for countries looking to invest. "Cape Verde has a geographical advantage, as well as political and social stability. Also, the facility in transfering funds makes it easy for corporations to do business in the country."

A very good example of the Chinese interest in investing in Cape Verde is that of David Chow. The businessman is investing € 250 milion in the city of Praia, on the 'ilheu of Santa Maria'. The tiny island of Cape Verde's capital will receive a resort/hotel, together with casino.

If you are looking for real estate opportunities on the island of Santo Antão, Mindelo Apartments (partner of, is the perfect place to start. Email us today with your wishes:

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