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The best hotels in Mindelo

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More and more people traveling to Cape Verde are visiting the cultural capital of the country, Mindelo. Cape Verde's second biggest city has a lot to offer visitors. One of the reasons for visiting the city is the many fantastic events that the city hosts each year. Mindelo is incredibly proud of it's carnival, which many in the city feel is among the most beautiful carnival celebrations in the world.

Numbers of visitors are up, and so the city has seen a rise in accommodation options. Hotels, apartments, and residencials (small hotels, B&B style), Mindelo has it all. At the moment new hotel projects are being build, and the Marriot Group is said to start a project soon around the Laginha Beach neighborhood.

Mindelo has two iconic hotels located on the charming Praça Nova (also known as Praça Amilcar Cabral) square, a place known as 'the center of the center'. Mindel Hotel and Porto Grande Hotel are among the oldest accommodations of the city. Prassa 3, a beautiful modern boutique style hotel, is also located on Praça Nova. Don Paco is another hotel located in Mindelo's city center.

Foya Branca is a big hotel complex built along the beach of São Pedro, one of Cape Verde's most beautiful beaches. The village of São Pedro is a traditional fisherman village located a few minutes from the airport of São Vicente, Cesaria Evora airport. Visitors enjoy heading out to Foya Branca to enjoy a day at the pool, and the popular buffet.

This (independent) look at the hotels of São Vicente was created to help readers of MindeloCaboVerde decide on the hotel of their choice. The hotels we have mentioned in this article were chosen based on location, popularity, reputation and overall characteristics.

The most important metrics of very trusted sites such as Google, Tripadvisor and Booking are featured here below. Google and Tripadvisor reviews have a max. review score of 5 (*), while on Booking you can earn a max. score of 10 for each review given by guests.

A few of the best hotels in Mindelo, São Vicente:

Mindel Hotel

Mindel Hotel, one of Mindelo's oldest and most famous hotels, is located in the heart of Mindelo's city center. The big blue building, which was recently repainted, can be seen from many parts in the city. It can be used as a point of reference if you're in another part of Mindelo to decide where you need to go.

The 4 star hotel has a total of 70 (!) rooms, and a very good restaurant. The outside area where the restaurant is located is often used for different types of events, especially during Christmas, New Years Eve and Carnival. During Carnival the hotel builds her own stand, from where people can enjoy the parades for a fee.

The hotel is currently building a rooftop swimming pool.

Online Reputation:

Google Reviews: 165

Score: 3,8

TripAdvisor Reviews: 61

Score: 3

Booking Reviews: 19

Score: 7

Mindel Hotel in the city center of Mindelo

Don Paco Hotel

Don Paco is another hotel located in the city centre of Mindelo. The hotel is located on Rua Barcelos, just steps away from Avenida Marginal, the boulevard of the city. The entrance of the hotel is in front of Parque Nhô Roque, a square with a children's playground and two very nice restaurants/bars.

One of the services Don Paco offers their guests, is a diverse offer of Rental Cars. Of course non guests of the hotel can use this servce as well. You can get more information at the reception of the hotel.

Online Reputation:

Google Reviews: 100

Score: 3,9

TripAdvisor Reviews: 111

Score: 4

Booking Reviews: 89

Score: 8,1

Hotel Prassa 3

Prassa 3 is one of the newer hotels in Mindelo. It is a very well designed boutique hotel with a unique style. This 4* accommodation is located right on the Praça Nova square in the city center. Prassa 3 offers a few exclusive rooms, all with a specific designed interior. The hotel has succeeded in differentiating itself compared to other accommodations on the island.

The hotel has a restaurant and bar, with a little terrace across from Praça Nova. Live music events on the weekends.

Online Reputation:

Google Reviews: 110

Score: 4,3

TripAdvisor Reviews: 51

Score: 4,5

Booking Reviews: 157

Score: 9

Hotel Porto Grande

Porto Grande is an excellent hotel located right on Praça Nova. The hotel has a gym and a swimming pool with a large terrace with beds for guests to enjoy. The swimming pool is open to other people as well, who can enjoy it by paying an entrance fee.

Porto Grande hosts many parties and events during the most busy times in the year.

A recent make-over changed the entrance and facade of the entire hotel, giving it a more modern and classy look.

The Porto Grande Hotel in Mindelo

Online Reputation:

Google Reviews: 186

Score: 4,2

TripAdvisor Reviews: 252

Score: 4

Booking Reviews: 112

Score: 8,3

Foya Branca Resort

The Foya Branca resort is located in the fishermen village of São Pedro, 15 min. outside Mindelo. The resort was built along the beach of São Pedro, one of the most beautiful of the country. Guests of the resort can join different watersport activities run and/or organized by the hotel, such as windsurfing.

Guests of the resort can use the free shuttle service to get to Mindelo daily. Another option is the Hiace/Aluger from the village of São Pedro to Praça Estrela in Mindelo (CVE 100).

The resort is a great and popular place to hang out during the day. It is open to people who just want a day to relax by the pool and enjoy the lunch buffet.

Online Reputation:

Google Reviews: 139

Score: 3,9

Tripadvisor Reviews: 258

Score: 3,5

Booking Reviews: 177

Score: 3,8

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