• Carnival in Cape Verde

    Mindelo is the place to be

  • Mindelo Carnival

    One of the most beautiful carnival celebrations in the world

    Mindelo hosts Cape Verde's biggest carnival celebration. It is also the most beautiful one in the country, and although it's much smaller than celebrations in cities like Rio de Janeiro or Salvador (to name a few), it's an unforgettable experience.

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    The Carnival celebration in Mindelo is a great mix of music parades with bands playing while driving around the city centre on big trucks, different groups and organizations showing their parades and an amazing competitive Carnival group parade on Tuesday.


    Samba Tropical

    In 2018 Samba Tropical will pay homage to the 'queen' of Cape Verde, Cesaria Evora. This Carnival Group puts on an incredible show each year, with a very big parade. However, 'Samba' is not a official Mindelo Carnival Group, and therefor only parades on Monday night.


    Monte Sossego

    The biggest carnival group of the country, with almost 1000 (!) people being part of the parade each year.


    Cruzeiros do Norte

    The winner of the Carnival parade in Mindelo of 2017.


    Vindos de Oriente


    Flores do Mindelo


    Mandingas (of Ribeira Bote)

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    The Mandingas of Ribeira Bote during Mindelo Carnival
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