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Mindelo Carnival 2022

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We're happy to announce that Carnival in Mindelo will take place on March 1st of 2022

This has been confirmed by City Hall in an official press conference. This decision was made after speaking to the different groups that will participate in the parade, and also the Health Department. 

At the moment, it's not certain how the 2022 edition will look. It might be a more restricted edition, with way less events. City Hall has already said the competition will be restricted to one day only. We'll have to wait and see what this means as we get closer to March 2022.

Carnival in Mindelo is one of the largest events in Cabo Verde.

In recent years it started to attract more and more foreign visitors, thanks to it's vibrant colours, beautiful parades and fantastic allround atmosphere.

Carnival 2020 was another unforgetabble event in the history of Mindelo and Cabo Verde. Little did we know it was taking place just weeks before the entire world would shut down.

The Covid-19 crisis made it impossible for Carnival 2021 to happen. Of course this was no surprise to anyone. Although there was no lockdown in Cabo Verde at the time, it was abvious that having thousands of people coming together was not a good idea.

It's for this this reason that we also did not see a Baia das Gatas festival a few months back. Instead, the organisation held a (closed) event at the Pont d'Agua hotel in Mindelo, which had live transmission through Facebook so that people everywhere could enjoy the music.

In the last couple of months Cabo Verde has focused on vaccination, with now more than 75% of the adult population vaccinated. This is very important for the tourism sector, since both travelers and governments will be looking at these stats. Opening up for visitors is much needed, because the pandemic has left thousands of people on the islands of Sal and Boa Vista without a job.

As tourism has grown in the entire country, other islands have suffered from Covid as well. São Vicente and Santo Antão, for many reasons a great combination, were seeing a lot of growth in the numbers of tourists they receive each year.

Cabo Verde is ready to pick up where it left off, and present it's visitors with unforgetabble experiences again.

Carnival 2022

In Mindelo, the host of the largest carnival of the country, city hall is yet to make an official statement about the 2022 edition. With tourism slowly opening up in these last few months, city hall and others involved in the organisation of Cabo Verde's biggest event will have to take a good look at the risks and rewards.

It's expected that we'll see a decision about this soon. Not only does the organisation of this event take a lof of time, people coming from abroad need time to make the necessary bookings and reservations. Putting of a decision any longer would not benefit anyone.

The Cabo Verde government and city hall might decide that it's too early for an event this large. In that case, we might see a few smaller and private events in Mindelo instead of a full on carnival in 2022. Hotels usually partner up with quality organisations for wonderful parties. These could happen again on a smaller scale, even if Mindelo would not host an official carnival.


This post will be updated soon with as much practical information as possible. First, with the official statement about Mindelo Carnival 2022 we're expecting soon. Later, with all the information that can help visitors make the most out of their stay during the event. We'll also work on adding a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on the site about Carnival in Mindelo.

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