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Djambai: Tours, Rentals & Activities in Mindelo

The island of São Vicente is a diverse travel destination. Although not seen as a typical beach location, the island does have some lovely beaches, one of them being Laginha Beach just outisde the city of Mindelo. Of course the city of Mindelo is known for its nightlife, with many quality restaurants and great live music events.

São Vicente also has a few 'secret' places where you can spend the day, including the traditional fishermen villages outside the city. With the incredible island of Santo Antão an hour away by ferry, it's easy to plan a few days or more on the island. But what else can you do? If you are looking for unique activities and tours in and around Mindelo, Djambai has exactly what you need.

Djambai is an initiative by Ricardo Delgado. Ricardo is the manager of not one, but two Residencials. He runs both Residencial Arla (Mindelo) and Casa Pedrina (Coculi, Santo Antão). A few years back he set out to offer something different to visitors of 'the cultural capital' of Cape Verde. He came up with the idea of doing Stand Up Paddle classes in the Bay of Porto Grande, one of the world's most beautiful bays.

Next to the Stand Up Paddle classes Ricardo wanted to offer visitors of Mindelo the opportunity to move around the city (and island) easily. So he started to rent out bikes and scooters to his guests and other visitors. Next to the rental options you can also book bike and scooter tours to discover the city and island together with a local guide.

Stand Up Paddle in the bay of Mindelo

Stand Up Paddle

For both beginners and the more experienced Stand Up Paddlers.

Ricardo does a class for beginners, where they can learn everything about this activity.

1 hour – € 25 p.p.

Bike Tours & Bike Rental

Bike Rental:

1 hour – € 5 p.p.

4 hours – € 10 p.p.

8 hours – € 15 p.p.

24 hours – € 18 p.p.

Bike Tours:

City Tour – € 35 p.p. (4 hours)

São Pedro Tour – € 50 p.p. (5 hours)

Scooter Tours & Scooter Rental

Half day – € 20 p.p.

Full day – € 30 p.p.

Scooter Full Day Island Tour:

€ 85 p.p. - Lunch included

On my scooter in Mindelo

Island Tours with Ricardo:

Ricardo's off the beaten track island tour shows you the other side of Mindelo. By visiting neighborhoods such as Alto Bomba and Ribeira Bote (The Sonvela Arte Project) Ricardo wants to show his guests a different side of the island visitors normally don't get to see.

Ricardo's island tours also include visits to Monte Verde, Salamansa, Baía das Gatas, Norte Baía, Calhau (lunch) and São Pedro.

Half day (4 hours) – € 45 p.p.

Full Day (8 hours) – € 75 p.p. (Lunch included)

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