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    Hi, my name is Freddy Gomes

    Interview on national tv in Cape Verde about the Sonvela Arte project

    I have a dream. I see a Cape Verde where, thanks to one of the world's most beautiful sectors (tourism), development and progress is for everyone. I see a tourism sector that is full of sustainable, responsible and fair tourism initiatives.


    This dream I have is now becoming reality with MindeloCaboVerde.com. When I first got in to the Cape Verdean tourism sector in 2014, I was the first (!) of the country to join Pack For A Purpose. This organization encourages people who travel to developing country's to support local projects by bringing them school supplies (for example).


    A few months later me and an amazing team of residents of one of Cape Verde's most notorious neighborhoods took a starting budget of € 180 (!!) to create the biggest Urban Street Art project the country has ever seen.


    The starting budget for the Sonvela Arte project was exactly 1/4 of my earnings up until november 2014. I had made a commitment to save up 25% of my total income with my Airbnb activities on the islands. And I will continue to do so!


    If possible, please book with Mindelocaboverde.com. Your support means I can continue to change the tourism sector in Cape Verde.

    Our writing has been published on important travel blogs such as:

    • Eps & Amy
    • TravelTramp
    • Great Travels
    • Explore Cape Verde
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    Mea Markets awarded us with 'Best Accommodation Provider' and even an excellence award for 'Community development initiatives' 2018!!

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