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Mindelo Airport Transfer Service

Your transfer and tour service for São Vicente

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"The airport transfer service was perfect! Thanks Freddy :)

- Rainer, Germany

Cesaria Evora Airport (São Pedro) - The city of Mindelo

Although Mindelo is Cape Verde' s second biggest city, it's still a small place compared to many other cities in the world. There are no trains and metro's in Mindelo. There is no special public transport for people who need to get to (or get home from) the airport, which is located 20 minutes away from the city center.

So what options do you have to get from the airport of São Pedro to Mindelo?

Travel to any big city in the world and you know you’ll have different transfer options at the airport. Shuttle bus, metro, train and taxi. But the airport of São Vicente does not see thousands of travelers a day. So, from the airport you basically have one option to get to Mindelo: A taxi.

Right outside the aiport of Cesaria Evora (São Pedro) many taxis wait for their chance to drive people to the city of Mndelo. Taxis are available at any time of day. The ride to the city takes about 15 - 20 minutes and will cost you 900 or 1000 escudos, which is less than 10 euros.

Getting a taxi outside the airport usually won't be an issue. No matter what time of day it is, there are always plenty of taxis at the airport. But what if your driver doesn't speak any English? How will you explain where you need to go? Or what if he tries to ask for more than the regular price? We have come up with a solution to make things easier for visitors.

Mindelocaboverde wants to offer you a safe, fast and comfortable alternative. Our brand new transfer service around the island of São Vicente is here take the burden of organization of all your tranfers away. Wether it's an airport transfer or an entire island tour to visit the amazing villages outside of Mindelo, we can provide you with a car and driver you can totally depend on to fulfill your needs.

For the traveler wanting to save a few hundred escudos on the transfer here’s a little secret: during the day there is a second option. You could try to hop on the ‘Aluguer’ that does the route São Pedro (village) – Mindelo. When you get outside of the airport make sure you walk up to the main road. An aluguer should pass about every 30 minutes, depending on what time of the day it is it might take longer. The ride to Praça Estrela in Mindelo’s city centre takes about 15 minutes, and costs 100 escudos.

Mindelo Airport Services

The Cesaria Evora airport is one of the four international airports of Cape Verde. It's a small airport, with just one terminal. The terminal only has a few check-in counters.

The airport also has a few other services which you can find in the terminal:

  • Airport bar/café for coffee, snacks and drinks
  • Binter Information Desk
  • TAP Portugal Information Desk
  • Different small (souvenir) shops
  • A BCA ATM machine
  • And a bar/café after passing customs as well

Our Airport Transfer Service:

  • Batch is your driver for transfers of up to 4 people. Price: CVE 1.250
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  • Mozes is your driver for group transfers for up to 9 people. (Bigger groups are also an option, but will go in separate mini buses) Price: CVE 2.000
Group Airport Transfer Service in Mindelo
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