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    Cabo Verde's cultural capital lies on the bay of Porto Grande, generally seen as one of the most beautiful in the world. The city was only the last to be permenantly habited out of the nine habited islands, but today Mindelo is the second biggest city in the country after the capital, Praia.

    Mindelo was the home of Cape Verde's 'queen' Cesaria Evora. The city receives visitors from all over the world who come to enjoy traditionial Cape Verdean music such as Morna and Coladeira. The city's annual Carnival is the biggest in the country, and turns the city into 'Brazilim' (little Brazil) for a week, attracting more and more cultureseekers from all over the world.


    But the city has much more to offer than it's cultural nightlife. Enjoy Laginha, Mindelo's city beach, hike to Monte Verde, visit the fishmarket or go for a walk down Avenida Marginal to see an amazing sunset.

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    "Mindelocaboverde made sure everything was arranged so that I could have a nice stay in Cabo Verde: in Mindelo and Santo Antão. So I really recommend to everyone to use their services." - Leila, France

  • Accommodations in Mindelo

    The best B&B's and Residencials.

    In Mindelo you have the choice between the more traditional hotels and smaller accomodations like a 'Residencial' and a Bed and Breakfast. We have selected our favorites for you.

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    B&B Vannilla

    B&B Vannilla is another brand new Bed and Breakfast opened by Katy Morais, a young and ambitious local. Vannilla is located in a beautiful spot of Mindelo, in a spot that has an amazing view. Enjoy this view while having a delicious breakfast in the morning.

    *Book direct with us on Mindelocaboverde.com*

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    Residencial Laginha

    This great accomodation right of Laginha Beach offers various types of rooms, different services and an amazing view of the beach from the large and comfertable roofterrace.

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    Residencial Jenny

    Located in the calm neighborhood Alto Sao Nicolau, Jenny has without a doubt one of the most beautiful views of the city. A perfect place for larger groups because of it's many rooms.

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  • Porta Azul, pub lounge in Mindelo, Cape Verde

    Nhô Djunga

    Creative nightlife hotspot

    Livraria Nhô Djunga is one of the best of Mindelo's nightlife spots, and is definitely among the most popular. It was recently fully renovated, and now has an even more beautiful interior design. The concept of the place is a bookstore/bar with quality live music: a must during your stay in Mindelo!

    *Adress; Rua Senador Vera Cruz, two minutes from Praça Nova.

    'Bar Estrela' restaurant in Mindelo, Cape Verde

    Bar Estrela

    Home cooked traditional Cape Verdean meals

    Bar Estrela is a lovely small restaurant with only a few tables were owner Lidya prepares home cooked meals that will make you taste 'the real Cabo Verde'. Sitting at on of the tables if would be easy to forget you're in a restaurant. I might feel more as if your dining at Lidya's house! Bar Estrela is located next to 'The Palace', just left from the roundabout.

    The local bar/restaurant that you recommended was SUPERB!!! The fish that they served was the best that we tried on the islands!

    Jelizaveta, Russia

    Pub Art Bar in Mindelo, Cape Verde

    Pub Art

    Eating Sushi in Cape Verde

    Pub Art is really diversifying nightlife in Mindelo. Not scared to try new things, the owners of this special bar serve sushi (!), while entertaining the public with Jazz music or the beats of an invited DJ. Don't forget to taste one of the delicious cocktails!

    Pub Art is located 'a few steps' from famous Praça Nova.


  • What to do

    Tips & Tours

    Read our blogposts for more info on things to do in Mindelo!

    The beautiful beach of São Pedro

    Visit the villages

    The beautiful fishermen villages of São Vicente

    São Pedro, Salamansa, Calhau and Baia das Gatas all are worth a vistit during your stay on the Island. In these fishermen villages you can still experience life on the islands as it was many years ago. From Praça Estrela you have daily 'collectivo's' that can take you to each one of them. Price per person: cve 100-150 depending on your destination.

    Read more here: Visit the villages

    Laginha, Mindelo's city beach

    Laginha Beach

    A taste of Paradise near the city centre

    Mindelo's city beach Laginha is located very close to the city center. To get there simply walk down the lovely Avenida Marginal boulevard, passing the harbour and port on your way. A brand new beach club opened at Laginha to serve your needs during a lazy beach day, and also along the boulevard there are bars and cafés to enjoy drinks. lunch and live music at night.

    Group of German guests enjoying Filo's cachupa

    Cachupa with Filo

    An authentic cachupa experience

    This slow cooked stew of corn, beans, cassava, sweet potato, fish or meat, is often referred to as the country's national dish. Dona Filo invites you into her home were you can see her prepare the cachupa on an open fire, and while the cachupa is cooking you can enjoy a tour of Ribeira Bote, one of Mindelo's most interesting neighborhoods.

    *Please use our contactform to make your reservation. Price per person: cve 1.500


    • "Our visit to the neighborhood of Ribeira Bote, was the best part of our entire stay in Cape Verde!" - Guests from Germany
  • Mindelo Events

    As Cabo Verde's cultural capital Mindelo offers a variety of festivals and events all year long, with Carnival, Baia das Gatas Festival and New Years's eve as the three biggest and most popular among locals and visitors.

    Read our blogposts for more info on things to do in Mindelo!

    The carnival of Mindelo is a must see spectacle


    Mindelo becomes 'Brazilim'

    Carnival in Mindelo starts right after New Years, when the Mandinga groups take over the streets on sunday. The offical groups prepare their parade and music and drums can be heard in the streets of Mindelo almost each night.

    The tuesday of Carnival four groups battle for the titel in the amazing parade competition with thousands of spectators along the route.

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    Baia das Gatas: Cape Verde's biggest and oldest music festival

    Baia das Gatas

    Cabo Verde's biggest music festival

    Baia das Gatas Festival has a long tradition. Today it is Cabo Verde's biggest Music festival, receiving many thousands of visitors and big internatinal artists. The 2015 edition brought Nelson Freitas and reggae giants Morgan Herritage to Mindelo, in 2016 C4 Pedro and Gentleman were the headliners of another amazing edition of Baia das Gatas Music Festival.

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    Setting up the stage for an unforgettable night

    New Year's eve

    Party on Rua de Lisboa

    On New Year's Eve Mindelo's streets fill with people celebrating the coming of a new year. Rua de Lisboa, Mindelo's main street is closed of and a huge stage is set up. The celebration of 2016 had international star Djodje and his Broda Music crew as headliners.

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